streplace - replace strings in everything

Did you ever want to replace a string in binary files everywhere is occurs? Did you ever want to rename thousands of files at once in a special way and/or make everything uppercase/lowercase at the same time? Did you ever want to modify the contents of symbolic links consistently because you moved directories? Did you ever want to rename your C++ class across all your projects with a single command? Then streplace is for you!

streplace can ...



streplace is distributed under the terms of the GPL (GNU General Public License).

Supported platforms


Streplace is heavily underdocumented. You are always encouraged to look at the source and improve the manpage.

The output of streplace --help gives an overview of the functionality and the manpage (slightly out of date, sorry) describes all the options in detail and also gives some examples.


Source (Un*x)streplace-0.9.34.tar.gz

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