RM95 Simulator for Linux (Free DV-IN)

The following tool can be used to edit the firmware configuration of some camcorders using the LANC interface. This is dangerous and may destroy your camcorder. You will use it at your own risk. Please read the comments and the source code carefully. The LANC/ParPort-Adapter needed is also described in the source code.

One application of this program is to enable DV-IN on some camcorders. The codes for some camcorder models are described in the source code.

Feedback is always welcome. If you improve this tool please share the changes with the public. Send me your changes if you like.


rm95_clone_linux is distributed under the terms of the GPL (GNU General Public License).


Again: This tool is dangerous. I will not take any warranty for what you do with this tool. You may destroy your camcorder. This tool does not have any security checks and does not print warnings before destroying your camcorder irreversibly. You will loose the warranty for your camcorder if you use this tool.

Also I keep adding changes made by others without testing them at all. I do not take any warranty for what the tool actually does or fails to do.



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