It's never over, in a Rover

My first car, the Allgäumobil (the nickname of the sand colored VW Passat you see on the pics means: vehicle-kind-of-thing from the Allgäu, the very southern province of germany) was a good friend in the past four years. But it obviously wasn't able to take me into the tunisian desert, the Sahara. So it was time to find a new vehicle, which I found little later in this beautiful blue Range Rover. A friend of mine (a big Land Rover enthusiast) immediately gave him a new nickname: 'Wohnzimmer', which means 'living room' (BTW: he also was responsible for the nickname of the Allgäumobil).

We are Borg: This Range has a 'Borg Warner' reduction transfer box with a progressively locking diff. The Sahara will show how good this thing works in practice. It already proved to be effective in a slimy mud condition, where one of the road-only tires immediately lost traction: Against all rules I learned so far (and after 15 Minutes of trying with extreme caution on the accelerator) a wild and sudden push on the accelerator freed me from this humiliating situation (there was almost no dirt compared to real off-road trails and I already got stuck).

© 2002 by Johannes Overmann <> - 2002-03-11