Sahara Rally Errimel 2002

Range off road

The 5. Sahara Rally Errimel was the first Rally for me as a driver and also the first Rally for my 1989 Range Rover. From the 4th to the 14th October 2002 31 teams (7 professional teams, 23 amateur teams, 2 trucks) tried to bring their vehicles across bumpy tracks and dunes through the different types of tunisian deserts. Stones, grooves, ditches, high speeds, sharp turns, tricky navigation, passage controls, deep sand, high dunes, sandy patches, even mud, hot sand, dust everywhere, time controls, drivers briefings, start delays, special stages, rain, broken shock absorbers, high fuel consumption, hope, despair, comradeship, competition, teamwork, replacing broken bolts, welding everything, it was great fun!

The final ranking saw us on the 13th place (out of 31) overall and on 3rd in our class (out of 7 amateurs 10-15kg/Ps).

Lists of defects and other rally experiences in german.

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