Commented pictures of Born Free

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bornfree021.jpg Joy Adamson and the three female cubs (seven weeks old): The 'Big One', Lustica and Elsa
bornfree041.jpg George (Joys husband) and Elsa
bornfree045.jpg Elsa learns to retrieve
bornfree047.jpg Elsa retrieves a vulturine guinea fowl
bornfree060.jpg Surprisingly, Elsa loved the sea
bornfree063.jpg George and Elsa by the Indian Ocean
bornfree070.jpg Elsa goes Hunting with George
bornfree090.jpg Elsa shared Joys camp bed
bornfree091.jpg Elsa tantalized by the sight of the donkeys
bornfree111.jpg For short rides Elsa preferred the roof of the Landrover
bornfree141.jpg Elsa and Joy Adamson
bornfree142.jpg Elsa usually slept beside George
bornfree143.jpg Elsa affectionate as ever
bornfree151.jpg Elsa was taken on a walk every morning
bornfree154.jpg Elsa goes fishing with George
bornfree156.jpg In the studio, the place where Joy Adamson wrote most of Born Free
bornfree157.jpg Elsa sucked Joys thumb when nervous
bornfree171.jpg Elsa and Joy
bornfree185.jpg Elsa on a camp bed
bornfree186.jpg George, Elsa and Makedde
bornfree198.jpg Elsa and Joy
bornfree199.jpg Elsa and George
bornfree200.jpg Elsa with George reading
bornfree209.jpg George with Elsa
bornfree213.jpg Reunion: Elsa and Joy
bornfree214.jpg Elsa and George resting

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